Our main facilities

Vacuum chamber

Vacuum Chamber & Cryostat

This full-custom set-up is the central tool for performing experiments on nanomechanical resonators. Allow controlling the environment of the mechanical resonator down to a pressure of 10-7 mbar and fairly low temperatures.


All the necessary tools to caracterize, electrically, the mechanical resonator properties Low-noise electronics (pre-amplifier, DC & RF sources, Lock-In amplifier...) to allow measuring tiny signals

Probe station nanomechanics l2C

Probe station

A pre-characterization tool to measure the performances of nanotubes devices

samples storage nanomechanics

Samples storage

A good sample can last forever. If stored properly 🙂

External (shared) facilities

We also benefit from the facilities of our host institutions:

– CVD oven (to grow carbon nanotubes)

– Clean room (to prepare samples)

– Chemistry lab

– Electron microscopy plateform

– Raman spectroscopy

Do you have any question regarding the team, our scientific projects or the available positions? Feel free to contact us!

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