Welcome to the nanomechanics team

The nanomechanics team is a group of researchers from Laboratoire Charles Coulomb in Montpellier University.
We aim at studying the physics of mechanical objects in the ‘nano’ world.

What's new in the team?

Rudy Desgarceaux

Welcome to...

Rudy Desgarceaux

Rudy has arrived in April 2021 to work has a postdoctoral researcher. Wecolme Rudy!

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Helium layers on a carbon nanotube

Last published

In Physical Review Letters

We have studied He-4 layers adsorbed on a ultra-clean carbon nanotube surface.

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François-Frédéric Lang

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François-Frédéric Lang

F.F. has joined our group for a Master 2 internship in Februrary 2021. Welcome FF!

Our main scientific interests

Carbon nanotube Sensors

We use the exceptional sensing capabilities of carbon nanotube mechanical oscillators to probe their environment


We are interested in the fundamental aspects of mechanics at the nanoscale, and in particular the nanomechanics of carbon nanotubes


We explore the coupling between light and mechanical motion

Our team is always looking for new talents to join the adventure

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